Blossoming of Pearls…

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How would you like to see, hear, and feel a depth of knowledge about yourself… like never before?

Welcome to Root of the Lotus, the place where deep wounds are healed and profound transformation begins.


By exploring the true nature of self, one is awakened to the value and depth to pure consciousness and enables the process to understanding the essence to being, gain an understanding of yourself, the pathway that is unprecedented toward ‘Blossoming of Pearls” Your Own:

Hello, I’m Ed del Arroyo. I’m here to light your lamp within, so that you can SEE a the road ahead, MEET your true self, and WALK confidently on your path.

  • As a mystic-seer, a resource visionary and spiritual counselor, coach, and life guide resonate the mystical hue that is inherent within nature both mundane, and the universal nature relate to the transcendent, the nature of pure being/essence, ‘I’ consciousness.
  • Medium to Cosmic Consciousness:
  • My work is a five-fold model: 1) for helping others to integrate one’s story or life narrative, to ‘see’ within the mundane world 2) to help integrate and to merge universal wisdom, experience a dialog in self within 3) to regain and reclaim wholeness to inner essence to Self through one’s personal lens and to enable one to integrate creative intelligence 4) to know the difference 5) through the inner invitation of the inquiry to one’s nature fitting to each client.
  • This process will help to explore states to Self-awareness, and through self-analysis, level of mindfulness to Self-awareness to mind, body, and spirit. A process toward the depth of Self, pure consciousness, to respond automatically invites the nature to Essence/Self in the life course. The experiential practice and procedure, therefore, actually open one to a depth of consciousness that through the physiology, affects awakening consciousness itself.
Here’s How Our Work Together Might Serve You:
  • Sharpens one’s sadhana (spiritual practice) addressing deep-set issues; both present and past (karmas) related to soul and spiritual development so that your Soul purpose can manifest in your life.
  • Explore the root of your suffering, so that you can move forward from illness, crisis, drama, and dis-ease.
  • Balance your physical, mental, and spiritual self, so that you can walk steadily as your Authentic Self.
  • Explore hidden potentials.
  • Awaken the unconscious unawareness to becoming consciously aware.
  • One who seeks to experience a dialog in self, regaining the inner essence, must acknowledge to include the reduction of obstruction, relating to low self-esteem; grief or sorrow, near-death experiences, and relieving any physiological or emotional disturbances. The experiential practice and procedure actually opens one to a depth of consciousness that affects the physiology; awakening consciousness itself.
  • As a life-long practitioner of empathic listening, I have appreciated the search for inner cosmic knowledge have integrated within, the inner search to consciousness; my own via [Self-inquiry]. Thus, based on the ancient fundamental metaphysical principles and teachings of the Vedic sciences, allude to an integral state of consciousness to direct knowing inner states of coherence.
  • Everything in nature expresses infinite silence in dynamism in action as sequential unfoldment and unbounded potentiality. The reverberations of the soul sound/Soham mantra is heard through the ear channel that allows the body to maintain its balance of well-being, and most importantly, through the ear of the heart. Similarly, human consciousness blossoms in the same way, and it is through Self-inquiry that we have direct knowledge.
  • As one move within the process of individuation of the self, the individual undergoes a state of metamorphosis toward transformation, may also blossom to further one’s dharmic pattern merge into life to act as a [lamp for others] to witness nature as pure Essence/Self in the journey.

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