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How would you like to see, hear, and feel a depth of knowledge about yourself… like never before?

Welcome to Root of the Lotus, the place where deep wounds are healed and profound transformation begins.


Hello, I’m Narayan. I’m here to light your lamp within so that you can SEE the road ahead, MEET your true self, and WALK confidently on your path.

  • A mystic-seer, a (Remote Viewer), a visionary to cosmic consciousness and resource life guide, and a spiritual Vedic Counselor. As a coach and guide, he acts as a principle Light to guide beyond the fourth state of consciousness and beyond; the Turiya state, turiyatita consciousness.
  • Medium to Cosmic Consciousness:
  • My work is 1) to help others with a personal one-to-one session to integrate one’s story or life narrative via Akashic Records and Tarot reading. 2) to teach students to dissolve one’s Karma 3) to help integrate and to merge Shakti Kundalini, to Awaken the inner divine essence to Self.
  • This process will help to explore states of Self-awareness, and through self-analysis, the level of mindfulness to Self-awareness of mind, body, and spirit. A process toward the depth of Self, pure consciousness, to respond automatically invites nature to Essence/Self in the life course. Therefore, the experiential practice and procedures actually open one to a depth of consciousness that affects awakening consciousness (Shakti Kundalini) itself through physiology.
  • My Two Cents.”
    As an adept Siddha yogi, a shakti alchemist to total transcendence, and a spiritual helper would like to offer you, “My Two Cents.”  Here, I wish to utilize this platform for individuals who are seeking in their personal or not-so-personal discernment of the inner and outer journey.  To help them navigate some form of response or feedback from me regarding any emotional, spiritual, or cosmic thoughts that they may have about what is happening in their personal journeys care to address them with me.
    What could be up my sleeve would be the availability to answer these questions, in a nutshell, in a direct and yet not so personal way, although it could be; such as would be for a type of brief spiritual counseling, generally speaking, if you will. What do you say about chatting with me?


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