Sometimes the truest aspects of one’s spiritual well-being and the nature of [S]elf within are too hard to see and too deep for words.

Ed is a spiritual care-[apist] and not a therapist.  A Cosmic Sojourner, a Vedic Counselor, and Certified Vedic Astrologer.

This is the gift that Ed brings to guide you, nurture, and be the spiritual agent to help you realize and actualize the nature of Self, to your Essence of Being. The vision of what created the separation since childhood for each person’s way of life, and the burdens or karma’s, has perhaps offered many crossroads in the life course lost since an early age. Ed is that person to help integrate and come to synthesis the process in a practical way and help one gain the freedom to know the difference in developing one’s path toward wholeness.

Although he’s known to his clients as one who invokes a personal relationship to [S]elf, assists in potentiating clarity and healing to the deepest of our wounds, Ed’s greatest joy is in teaching others how to become spiritual and impeccable warriors and masters of our own energy and spiritual pathway.

Ed’s near-death experience as a child sky-rocketed his ability to hear, see, and know the Cosmic Source. In later years he had received from his gurus several [Shaktipath] initiation. He became a student and devotee to many great gurus of India, continuing his practice of Kriya.

From there, he spent his life in deep study and research toward transcending the mundane world to merge into a universal one. He soon transverse the intellectual Western tradition to a more profound mystical tradition of the holy Eastern (depth yogic) practices.

This was a blessing that allowed him to claim his place, to come back to his mystical roots, if you will, as a true mystic seer, visionary, counselor, and teacher. He has a true dedication to honoring and revealing the pearls of wisdom in ALL traditions.

Moreover, in this personal process, one comes to animate a palpable presence to witness in life, the path awakening the level of consciousness, the full value of God’s love and grace as a potentiality in our mundane world comes in various ways.  The formless and universal mind of God is mirrored and can be experienced in the heart of the soul-journer, the devotee, within the finite world as Shabdha (breath) yoga. Below, in the Gita, which speaks to the level of the journey, says:

Chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God) says:

“Yogastah kuru karmani sangam tyaktva dhanamjaya siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhutva samatvam yoga ucyate.” (Sk)

“Perform action, O Arjuna, being steadfast in yoga, abandoning attachment and remaining balanced in success and failure. Evenness of mind is call yoga.” (BG: 2-48)

Ed received his Spiritual Direction Certificate from Mt. Angel Monastery in 2010 and his Masters in Divinity at Marylhurst University in 2013. Most recently, Ed received his certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education as Chaplain, commonly know as CPE in Fresno, CA.  He is now a Chaplain with desires to complete and continue his specialization to research in consciousness. He is a Siddha/Shakti yogi and a practitioner of the Vedic (Vedanta philosophy)Sciences. Currently, practicing Sri Dash Mahavidya, a Shakti/Tantra Kundalini practitioner and has a Devotion to the Divine Mother.

If you’d like to move forward on your path, give him a call, text him at www.rootofthelotus@gmail.com, or sign up on his site to set up a personal session.

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