Depth Transcendence; Merging Toward Blossoming You Own Pearls…

No matter how much time you spend neglecting the spiritual life, when you say YES to it, that one moment is all that really matters.

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    The Akashic Record is a state of consciousness, meaning: ether/space; internal and external. In the manifest world, Consciousness is revealed in Four states of consciousness: 1) Jagrat/waking: sense perception, one who enjoys sense objects in the world; 2) Swapna/sleeping: one who does not enjoy sense objects during sleep 3) Shushupti/dreaming: one who has experienced aspect during the day and dreams them; and a deeper state, the dreamless state, where one experiences potentially [Nothing]. Finally, the causal state, the fourth state(Turiya) of consciousness, the Void, transcendental consciousness within the state that transverses the transcendental state, is located at the Fifth Chakra or (Vishuddha); the Akashic Records.

  • I can help you build and nurture the vibrational energy around your practice and connect to your highest Self, your pranic nature and to your truest Essence.
  • I am a true Shakti practitioner and empathic intrinsic listener
Who Is This For?

Individuals who are in search of a Transforming their true Spirituality.

People in-depth transition… in search of clarity to being. People who seek a spiritual care provider offering empathic and intuitive active listening skills at the soul level. People who are searching for the meaning of their lives through the art of the Self-inquiry process. People whose spiritual lives are in conflict, and are at a crossroads in life. People who are discerning the inner spirit (Essence) emotionally, spiritually, perhaps attempting to integrate their own Shakti. For those who seek knowing one’s pathway toward the source; nature of Self. People who are on a traditional path and have doubts as to where they stand. One who seeks dissolution and clarity to Karmas to wholeness in life’s direction (Dharma). For those who seek integration and unity in knowing pure consciousness through inner ‘vision.’ For those who seek to balance their path and to know one’s nature to self-empowerment and self-integration and well-being at the level of Mind, Spirit, and Body. To experience and to acknowledge ones’ Shakti and state of authority and continuity that resonates fullness to being/Essence of Self.

Individual Sessions

Book a personalized session and get the information you need for change, transforming self at the Root. Sessions can be in person or over the phone or Zoom conference app.

Choose an option

  • 30 min…$ 80
  • 60 min…$150
  • 90 min…$180


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