My Mt. Adams weekend visit…

My Most recent visit to Yakima, WA. area a few months ago. This was a very interesting visit, to say the least experiencing Mt. Adams and Mount Adams Buddhist Monastery were surreal at best. I recall driving and coming closer to the valley and about 7 miles from the monastery, and on a very … [Read more...]

A Workbook of My Personal Spiritual Journey…

I will be offering this talk / Lecture at East-West Bookshop in Seattle, WA July 7th, 2019 between 3:00 pm – 6: 00 pm This personal narrative, a workbook of my personal journey, research to the unity of consciousness of the Self. I came to discern various chapters; my Karmic and Dharmic … [Read more...]

The “Akashic Chronicles.”

Ed (Narayanadas Jyoti) is a mystic-seer and visionary who offers his guidance through various tools. Aside from his training as a Non-denominational Chaplain, he is also a spiritual yogi, uses kriya yoga and mantra yoga. His innate gifts as a seer, a visionary at the transcendental level of … [Read more...]

The Blue Wave! This morning’s muse: When wounded, discover your spiritual ally!

The Blue Wave! This morning’s muse: When wounded, discover your spiritual ally! I understand the ‘blue wave’ as a process unlike what happened in Japan’s earthquake followed by the tsunami, that traveled silently as it motioned toward the shore. Initially, like the public didn’t know of its … [Read more...]

Blossoming into Awareness:

Blossoming into Awareness: This ‘Blossoming into Awareness’ is one that is a life-long process come to points of discernment along the path that has helped me to recall toward a meaning-making life narrative to synthesis and transcend Karmic patterns, for the ‘soul’ purpose to merge the Dharmic … [Read more...]

Schedule a time with me

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Part Two: In this narrative I reflect from two very opposite poles: The two elements are 1) the Eastern or (Universal) axis; and 2) the Western or the (mundane physical) Axis. First, the Eastern Axis: the Universal; Cosmic Source at the highest station is the source of mind or (Chit … [Read more...]


UPDATE OFFERING YOU AN UPDATE: 2013 - 2018 Part l After leaving Eagle Creek, OR. (2013) and completing my first book, I drifted down to the Central Valley, (Fresno, CA.) to enter a Chaplaincy program in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in Hospice and Clinical Spiritual Care. Although it … [Read more...]

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