Dharma versus Swa-Dharma!

Greetings to one and all. I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits. I have been adjusting and coming into my Dharma for several years, sometimes known as Swa Dharma. As a spiritual soul-worker that speaks to the "Law of One," that is 'God's Law that is manifest and expressed in the … [Read more...]

“The Nature of Self.”

By exploring the true nature of the self, one is awakened to the value and depth to pure consciousness and enables the process to understanding the essence to being, gain an understanding of yourself, the pathway that is unprecedented toward ‘Blossoming of Pearls” Your Own: My work is a five-fold … [Read more...]

Deep in the Recesses of my Mind, the Play of Consciousness Beckons.

6/24/2020 Bhuvaneshwari, 1) I wanted to share two events that occurred in the most recent times. I’ve had many experiences, but these were getting my attention, to say the least, to an awakened heart. I find myself becoming with delight and into future's Light in Bliss, now; yet again. … [Read more...]


Transcendence on the Move: It is a long way to Brahma's Cave; you will never know what is going to be there when you arrive! If you get there? Metaphorically speaking, one could be flying from one place to another, whether in the physical body or not, and get caught off guard. Simply put, … [Read more...]


COUNCIL OF THE ANCIENT ONES: At this time in our collective crisis, history, heavy-duty prayers are being called for at this crucial period in our world. For the most part, I don’t think people are listening. I believe people are wanting to just go right back to their usual ways of … [Read more...]

My Mt. Adams weekend visit…

My Most recent visit to Yakima, WA. area a few months ago. This was a very interesting visit, to say the least experiencing Mt. Adams and Mount Adams Buddhist Monastery were surreal at best. I recall driving and coming closer to the valley and about 7 miles from the monastery, and on a very … [Read more...]

A Workbook of My Personal Spiritual Journey…

I will be offering this talk / Lecture at East-West Bookshop in Seattle, WA July 7th, 2019 between 3:00 pm – 6: 00 pm This personal narrative, a workbook of my personal journey, research to the unity of consciousness of the Self. I came to discern various chapters; my Karmic and Dharmic … [Read more...]

The “Akashic Chronicles.”

Ed (Narayanadas Jyoti) is a mystic-seer and visionary who offers his guidance through various tools. Aside from his training as a Non-denominational Chaplain, he is also a spiritual yogi, uses kriya yoga and mantra yoga. His innate gifts as a seer, a visionary at the transcendental level of … [Read more...]

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