Dreaming Onward.

I love it when dreams come back to you. And when it happens, it really fills in the day. This came to me that speak to a 'prophetic dream.' It speaks to a personal and communal event(s) and what is coming to the surface soon. I believe that this dream is very inclusive that pertains to the country … [Read more...]

The Inner States…

July 5, 2017 The inner states to one's path, seems to suggest that the only way to reach a place of impeccability in this journey toward the spiritual life, are two elements: 1) the grace of one's Gurus; 2) The Grace of God... ...For without the grace of teacher (guru), the grace of God will not … [Read more...]

The Celestial Musicians at play…

The breeze on the mountain, standing by the open gate, the celestial heavenly muse, oh the Gandharvas (Divine musicians) sing. I hear it, I hear the songs, the silent, perfect sounds to the secret heart, Oh sacred moment in time; a breath resonant, [si se canta] of divine sweetness to thy Love. … [Read more...]

Samkhya Yoga…

Samkhya Yoga: The way to enumerate the various aspects to all categories to an unfolding consciousness--Watch and see... ...such as the Lighthouse I had previously referred too: it is the light consciousness within that shines by the seashore. Always on, seeing all things, reflecting / observing; … [Read more...]

My Book: Journey Toward Self Transformation For Service as Minister is now available on Amazon…

You can order my book from Amazon here or click on the image below.   Or you can take advantage of the publisher's summer special discount here>> Be sure to the include voucher code: summer2017 and place your order prior to June 30th, 2017. Excerpt from the … [Read more...]

New Book released now on Amazon: A Journey Through Self Transformation for Service as Minister.

My book released. A Journey Through Self-Transformation for Service as Minister by Edward A. del Arroyo An Excerpt  to the Introduction of my book: My Near Death Experience spoke to me of the power of awareness, and the clarity of being, that in the process of suffering in life, one comes from … [Read more...]

Tapping into the Hidden Power of the Word…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie45hAGQSG8 … [Read more...]

Introduction to ‘Blossoming of Pearls: Your Own.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYkaXmvfFKM … [Read more...]

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