Dharma versus Swa-Dharma!

Greetings to one and all. I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits. I have been adjusting and coming into my Dharma for several years, sometimes known as Swa Dharma. As a spiritual soul-worker that speaks to the “Law of One,” that is ‘God’s Law that is manifest and expressed in the natural world as ‘natural law,’ at the mundane and universal levels. Dharma is a work that speaks to the “Law of One” that is ‘God’s Law that is manifest and expressed in the natural world as ‘natural law,’ at the mundane and universal levels.

Now, what is Swa-dharma? It is a model from the Vedic (Hindu) tradition that speaks to a process in life that allows room and space to share and express one’s truth in the world. Our job from a soul perspective is to project this natural law into the actions of love and compassion in this world. And as we do manifest this perfect reality, supported by nature, making it right as an expressed element shared in the world. This existential nature is the coming nature that is a valid state within consciousness, representing the context of the [law of one], our ideal soul action for others in the world.

I can tell you that this is the time or cycle period in the world, a time to be in the world to help teach and, as a Vedic (Shakti) healer to others, in raising consciousness. So now is the time to be deeply in the practice of meditation, mantra recitation, and using pranayama in strengthening oneself, the Immune system, and central nervous system.

We are looking at how the world is changing and how we, as spiritual light-beings/workers, can work with the up-and-coming drastic changes approached with clarity and coherence at hand. I have always felt these changes would come to our shore, metaphorically, physically, and emotionally, to affect and change how we view reality and how we are to proceed with both good and the bad and perhaps, shocking.

I am writing you at this crucial time because we are at a point in the life course as we know it will have to change as you may perhaps know already. And be prepared for the changes that will shift our core reality and consciousness.

The question is, are we ready for these changes? And, if so, have we prepared ourselves in the life course, come to adjust, and perhaps have come to understand that we are at the placement in the journey overwhelmed by test after test on many levels can shift the changes for the better, ourselves and the world.

I have initiated a new app am hoping you join (chat) at no cost to you. If interested, I can send you a link to it. And this new app, called mewe.com, offers a window for me to connect with you at no charge at all. In joining with me, I would love to support your process in ways that will aid your life’s journey spiritually, emotionally, and with various tools to help you journey in body, mind, and soul. Those models include the Akashic records, Tarot, Crystal readings, Remote viewing, remote healing or seeing (the physical body) as visionary/seer, Shakti-Tantric healer.

Furthermore, I will also offer soon (TBA) workshops and classes, teaching Vedic tools, such as Shakti Kundalini and Tantric (Mantric) Kundalini to elevate consciousness. In addition, I will lead these classes and workshops with a nominal fee that will be affordable to all Vedic Science courses every week. These are related mantra recitations involving each chakra and Bija mantra for all the Chakras to clear one’s karmas.

If interested, here’s where you can reach me:

1) E. Narayan (Yet to come)
2) mewe.com and (Free) open Chat.  (I can send you an invite, too!) Please, email me and let me know to add you.
3) rootofthelotus.com *(Website) (New Website coming)
4) rootofthelotus@gmail.com

*If you want a one-to-one spiritual reading from me, you can call me and leave me a message.

Yours Truly,

Br. E. Narayan

“The Nature of Self.”

By exploring the true nature of the self, one is awakened to the value and depth to pure consciousness and enables the process to understanding the essence to being, gain an understanding of yourself, the pathway that is unprecedented toward ‘Blossoming of Pearls” Your Own: My work is a five-fold model: 1) for helping others to integrate one’s story or life narrative, to ‘see’ within the mundane world 2) to help integrate and to merge universal wisdom, experience a dialog in self within 3) to regain and reclaim wholeness to inner essence to Self through one’s personal lens and to enable one to integrate creative intelligence 4) to know the difference 5) through the inner invitation of the inquiry to one’s nature fitting to each client.

This process will help explore states to Self-awareness, and through self-analysis, it will help self-awareness to mind, body, and spirit. A process toward the depth of Self, pure consciousness, to respond automatically invites the nature to Essence/Self in the life course. Therefore, the experiential practice and procedure actually open one to a depth of consciousness that, through physiology, affects awakening consciousness itself.

A Mystic-seer, visionary, a Remote Viewer, and Vedic Spiritual Counselor, one who reflects a state of universal consciousness within, resonates with the inner core, a coherent state to being. A Shakti, and Siddha Yogi and lifestyle coach. A spiritual guide to the mystical and skillful to active listening to one’s pure consciousness, skilled at raising kundalini toward awakening. A lifelong practitioner of Vedic meditation, mantra, Shakti Kundalini counseling from a process inherent within the Vedic tradition. One who shares his skills to coherence in nature both the mundane and the universal levels directly related to the transcendent, pure (Turiya State) of being or essence the ‘I Am’ consciousness.

As a researcher to cosmic consciousness and as a life-long practitioner of the Vedic Sciences, I have located a process, an inner knowing, a deepening value through self-inquiry. This alludes to the inner cosmic knowledge and integrated state of being known as Self or JivaAtma (pure consciousness); Sat, Chit, Ananda. Thus, one finds wholeness in its parts, on the one hand, and one that is universal on the other. Further, this speaks to the ancient principles and teachings of the Vedic Sciences, allude to an integral state of consciousness that is to coherence and healing to well-being at the Quantum level within.

Everything in nature expresses infinite silence in dynamism in action as sequential unfoldment and unbounded potentiality. The reverberations of the soul, sound/Soham mantra is heard through the ear channel allows the body (Heart) to maintain its balance of well-being, and most importantly, one hears through the unstruck sound of the ear of that heart. Similarly, human consciousness blossoms in the same way, and it is through Self-inquiry that we have direct knowledge, direct knowing experientially.

As one moves within the process of individuation of the self, the individual undergoes a state of metamorphosis toward transformation, may also blossom to further one’s dharmic pattern, merge into life to act as a lamp for others to witness nature as pure Essence, Self in the journey.

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