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Part Two: In this narrative I reflect from two very opposite poles: The two elements are 1) the Eastern or (Universal) axis; and 2) the Western or the (mundane physical) Axis. First, the Eastern Axis: the Universal; Cosmic Source at the highest … [Continue reading]


UPDATE OFFERING YOU AN UPDATE: 2013 - 2018 Part l After leaving Eagle Creek, OR. (2013) and completing my first book, I drifted down to the Central Valley, (Fresno, CA.) to enter a Chaplaincy program in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in … [Continue reading]

PART TWO: The Cry of the Poor in (Spirit); and Hear the Emotional Pull That Tugs.

These [Gen-Xers] some calling them millennials, are the generation from years past, and before the Gen Zs; we are referring to those high school kids who have been recently killed in Parkland, Florida. These individuals were born before and around … [Continue reading]

PART ONE: The Cry of the Poor in (Spirit); and Hear the Emotional Pull That Tugs…

Ah! How does one define the good'ol hermit days...Occasionally, I do come out from the cave back to the celebrate not only the year of the DOG; but also to celebrate the year 2018 Year cycle of 11 = 2: Balance...NEW direction! Ooh whoa! … [Continue reading]

Wheel That Comes And Goes…

Feb 22 (Sadhana): Well, if you follow the course of Astrology as a natural pathway within and as the wheel that comes and goes, its movement or rotation opens the 'map' or path within the cosmic event (consciousness) revealing the cosmic … [Continue reading]

Yoga Philosophy (Sutras) of Patanjali…

I wrote on my FB page, which was offered yesterday 2/10/18 as a soulful narrative that perhaps one may wish to consider. My take on this notion of continuity of past life memories is true in which consciousness acts as a mirror effect reflecting … [Continue reading]

‘Hidden Mysteries’ Video #1

Awakening to Transcendence Although you appear in earthly form Your essence is pure consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light. So come, return to the root of the root of your own soul. When you lose all sense of self the … [Continue reading]

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