Called To Return: Part Two

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The soul never dies or changes; man is, in essence, the soul and not the body. If this is realized there would be no fear of death. ~ Liberation from Karma and Rebirth, Sat Guru Keshavadas The following morning, I found myself leaving this world. … [Continue reading]

Meditation and the Unconscious…

Called to Return The Great error of modern psycology has been to speak of the unconscious as though it were some kind of unknowable…. But insofar as the unconscious is the body… the unconscious can be known and studied….And insofar as it is…(a) … [Continue reading]

Realization and Transformation…

The hard truth is that spiritual realization is relatively easy compared with the much greater difficulty of actualizing it, integrating it fully into the fabric of one’s embodiment and one’s daily life. By realization I mean the direct recognition … [Continue reading]

Awakening toward Transcendence: The Lighter Side of Silence

Let’s go to the Direct Source If you want to know the truth of life and death, you must reflect continually on this: There is only one law in the universe that never changes—that all things change, and that all things are impermanent (Rinpoche … [Continue reading]

God is Infinite Consciousness

Source: Hubblesite.orgSince God is Infinite Cosnciousness, at the same time within the depth of our souls, we have direct potentiality to realize His presence. How is this defined? In the personal experience, one realizes Self (prior to birth) as … [Continue reading]

Presenting Blossoming of Pearls

Awakening to the life stream of consciousness unheard before the call causes one to reflect what is heard! Birthing a near life experience manifested at that one moment of sound/Word (Shabdha) which triggers a resonance to intentionality to the soul. … [Continue reading]

Trilogy of Awakening

Prior to Dec. 12th, 2012, the frequency to the cosmic window was coming to a close, but the continuation to a higher frequency has opened a more powerful calendar in our world. Moreover, this window has caused and will continue to cause, major … [Continue reading]

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