Blossoming into Awareness:

Blossoming into Awareness:

This ‘Blossoming into Awareness’ is one that is a life-long process come to points of discernment along the path that has helped me to recall toward a meaning-making life narrative to synthesis and transcend Karmic patterns, for the ‘soul’ purpose to merge the Dharmic one, if you will, from the unreal to the REAL.

 I didn’t like what I found, not wanting to be here and after five years of living in this world I wanted OUT from this place of pain and suffering. My soul knew what Heaven is like, but I was no longer in Heaven and wanted to leave.

 Consequently, with many stays hospitalized for Epilepsy gave me an opportunity that brought me to a near-death experience as a child felt it was time to leave this world. Believe me, I wanted to leave because this was not what I knew as Heaven.

 What I found interesting was a pure state of consciousness which seemed to parallel between my pre-life experience prior to birthing and the memory to my near-death experience (NDE). There seems to have a connecting link waiting to come to be understood come to fruition, but for a young child needed my physiological, emotional and psychological developmental to help me discern its true meaning. Nevertheless, one would retain the memory (smriti consciousness) for later recall.

 Memory you know never ends and what I always say is that if our minds weren’t so pre-occupied with ‘other’ stuff, we would have the availability to recall at any time those events from past lives to resolve (the reasons why we are here on this earth) that may be essential to our current life’s evolution.

 I was watching a YouTube program on the topic of [reincarnation], I found fascinating. I really understood the underlining dynamics, that when a child passes from this life goes into what the Tibetans call [the Bar-dos; Tb.]; my interpretation, a child may re-incarnate after a few months or a year, that the soul chooses and continues to remember his or her previous life, may even come to the same mother’s womb come to return into this life to finish what they started before leaving this earth plane.

At around two years of age, I began to discern and to ask questions that were fitting and through my own ‘karmic’ lens began to know I was to merge at the emotional and spiritual levels to know the cosmic/spiritual journey through the lens that is [Self-inquiry]. For me, this notion was proving to be a perfect learning playground for consciousness to become more apparent, although it was a difficult one to process. A fast track that was getting faster. Typically, children lose the memories they had of what Heaven is like, by becoming acclimated to their physical reality.

[This is the reason as to the conflict I understood causing confusion for me in this life and as I grew and developed, and at seven, I realized I was stuck on this plane of existence for the duration. Although, I did have multiple near-death experiences, (NDEs), each time they proved to be not enough to take me out. Therefore, a conflict ensued, both at the experiential and existential levels.

In this narrative I reflect from two very opposite poles: The two elements that reveal the naturehood of being are 1) the (Universal Dharmic one) and 2) the (Mundane or Karmic one):
1) First, the Dharmic or Universal: Cosmic Source at the highest station is the source of mind or (Chit consciousness) that reflect within and reveals wholeness of being; (Advaita) non-duality and indivisible in the way of Vedanta (Samkhya Yoga), enumerating its systems of integration relates to wholeness on the move.

2) This Second element of the Karmic element is experiencing in the physical, the essential nature with aspects or attributes which I’ve alluded to previously. The dilemma for us is to understand the inner workings of Self-realization as it is based on how we perceive the value of non-separation of Self; our state of consciousness; the polarity of the divine and the mundane experience. For me as a seeker and devotee, see with clarity the perceptual cosmic source manifest through direct knowledge, via the direct experiential, creative intelligence that is pure nature of Self within. However, Soul does not offer conflict. It is the nature of Self is to Realize that it is the observer, experiencing the journey during the process of observation that one comes to that which is already Known. The conflict arises through the desire of the ego body and not the other way around.

I believe what I was encountering was a period of emotional and spiritual discernment of sorts awakening to the inner depth of my spirituality, that on the onset I was more inclined to the mystical tradition becoming less ‘religious,’ if you will. I could see why that was so. I remember my pre-life experience clearly, even to this point in my life can recall, easily. My task if you will, to come to the center of my own sense to universal consciousness, which is beyond anything that reflects the norm. This ‘neon-light’ grew became increasingly brighter toward augmenting the ‘real’ as oppose to the ‘fake,’ or the unreal. Let me explain:

I came to understand the conflict at hand. I was living outside of the mystical and cosmic pathways, a pathway that can be harnessed at the Sacred Heart. This, by the way, is not a Chakra that reflects having eight lotus petals. Chakras I will discuss later.

So, what came to me in acknowledging to ask the questions:

“What does this map look like?” I came to know this rather quickly.” The answer was surprising to me. It came to me in meditation, and that during the practice of “Self-inquiry,” did the answer come as if downloading from the universe and what unfolded for me was a seamless mirror of consciousness that revealed my pathway right in front of my mind’s eye.

I had to ask myself why I was living outside of my real intention that I realized I had drifted away from my original (mystical) desired goal. I was, as a clairvoyant to know by direct experience, the intrinsic psychic dimension I always had but soon understood that I was asking myself these questions, “Why does it feel like I have missed judge the path.” I found that within this earth plane, the centrifugal force pulls our ‘karma,’ to this earth atmosphere. The only place where humans can discern and understand destiny, which is dharma. I know now that it is the time of coming back to my “Return.” This magnet that keeps me riveted to this ‘karmic world is very heavy indeed, had kept me off my intended spiritual path. The coyote medicine is very heavy indeed!

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