Part Two:
In this narrative I reflect from two very opposite poles: The two elements are 1) the Eastern or (Universal) axis; and 2) the Western or the (mundane physical) Axis.

First, the Eastern Axis: the Universal; Cosmic Source at the highest station is the source of mind or (Chit consciousness) that reflect within and reveals wholeness of being; (Advaita) non-duality and indivisible in the way of Vedanta (Samkhya Yoga), and its systems of integration relates as wholeness on the move.

The second is experience in the physical or the Western construct, the essential nature with aspects or attributes which I’ve alluded to previously. The dilemma for us is to understand the inner workings of self-realization as it is based on how we perceive the value of non-separation of self-ego state of consciousness; through the divine and the mundane experience. For me as a seeker and devotee, see with clarity the perceptual cosmic source manifest through direct knowledge, via the direct experiential, creative intelligence that is pure nature of self within.

This personal narrative is a study or a research to the unity of consciousness of the self. The experience offered me at various levels of development prior to birthing and the time of functioning and incarnating of the ego body. I became aware of a perceived knowing, a state of non-cognitive (Asamprajnyata); that is, without discernment of a cognitive process, stems from a cosmic source or Divine Law. Thus, my relationship with the Divine order came into play.
And because of this cosmic unfoldment, I became aware; of a cognitive (Samprajnata) element began to respond from a personal ‘call.’

Moreover, my understanding of this cosmic flow has offered me a systemic approach to the fundamentals of the Vedic Literature responding to its vibrational pull (Vritti consciousness) invoking a cosmic memory (Smriti consciousness). In addition, and through the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, to discern ancient elements or attributes to consciousness toward self-transformation; via Discriminative Knowledge (Meditation).
This lifelong experience has brought me to various chapters in my life to discern, and throughout my development, caused many factors in research to consciousness to come to acquire personal knowledge of consciousness. And throughout this process, the experiences have enabled me to integrate the fundamental aspects of cosmic consciousness within allowing me to harness aspects to self-actualizing in this life. Moreover, one can see that in the Western tradition, and within this social and spiritual [contract]; because we agreed to come here to develop, can offer only limits to what can be accomplished and achieved on the spiritual, cosmic levels; talk about karma, one that is fitting to the souljourner. For me as a Westerner, had a very hard time in adjusting to the Western play or drama to this social and spiritual contract.

The Suppression of all Mind Modification (mental)

Mapping out for the journey toward self-understanding; is through Self-inquiry:

The scope of self-inquiry as a tool offers us a focused practice of mapping one’s pathway in life takes some effort. However, the object is to focus on a daily bases one’s concentration on self-referral consciousness, one comes to know the totality of being. The first step is in how we perceive the nature by way of making the steps count and to simplify the effort to self-inquiry. The second process will come to that contemplative place will bring the souljourner to experiencing absolute peace bridging coherence, the inner awareness of one’s emotional and spiritual continuity of life, which is meditation itself. The third, to experience purification of ego body and to know its dissolving latent impression allows one to experience the merging of mind into Self; pure consciousness. The Fourth element is to experience aspect to life (karmas) to that which bubbles-up on their own as it were, becomes to be addressed; mind you, be the observer, letting it go! And it’s done…

For transformation to occur, he or she, by way of one’s practice (Sadhana) stays on this path, will start to know that the integrating is occurring, and this is the skill one will know the very nature of Being/Essence. This is the way to evaporate the ego body that one becomes pure-consciousness and absolute Self.

Two Natures/Two Elements

The Purusha; that is pure consciousness or primordial Divine nature as reality: 2) Buddhi/Mind: The subtlest attribute producing (Prakriti or Maya) that is not real. Thus, from the essential elements from Buddhi evolves the three Gunas; that of Sattva (electron); Rajas (Proton); and Tamas (Neutral) gunas; equanimity, activity, and inactivity; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, respectively. When the soul becomes dependent on matter and becomes veiled by the physical mundane world, the soul immediately forgets its true nature: that is Self-pure consciousness one must work at in retrieving the Real.

The Karmic link

Ego! The subjective principle arises from the evolution of nature or out of God’s Karmas if you will; His Divine “Play of Consciousness,” as coined by Swami Muktananda. All things are bound by duality, male and female; light and dark; day and night, happiness and misery, etc.! But everything has individuality linked to Universality. Thus, our spirituality is reflected by matter; the soul is reflected by body, mind, and intellect. Ego, therefore, is shadowed by the individual soul. Moreover, we can see then, why reflection exists; therefore, soul evolves continually, repeatedly until mind-stuff fades of the memories causing grief, and sorrow from one life to another in one’s world. Thus, the reason why we are reincarnating in this play or (Leela) until it merges into One Divine Ocean that Is.

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