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Part l
After leaving Eagle Creek, OR. (2013) and completing my first book, I drifted down to the Central Valley, (Fresno, CA.) to enter a Chaplaincy program in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in Hospice and Clinical Spiritual Care. Although it took a few months to wait to start the program beginning with hospice in 2014, in the heat of summertime. After a year of studying and finishing the Hospice and Clinical spiritual care program (2016) did I have return calls for employment offering me part-time positions. I, in turn, was not interested, however, I had two interviews in Oregon, both in Medford and in Bend, Oregon. But neither looked promising.

I began to multitask up to the current time with a deep personal interest that is important to me, which was finishing up my and publishing my first book: “Journey Toward Self Transformation for Service as Minister;” which was published by Lambert Academic Publishing (2013). Now, available on Amazon.

Currently, working on my second and third books, which is my spiritual autobiography and the third; a spiritual workbook. I’m keeping the lid on both titles until I know I am coming to finish the manuscripts, which the second book is near complete and the third just beginning.

Most of my adult life my work had been doing crisis intervention in the mental health field but in (CPE) Clinical Pastoral Education studies, got even closer to doing life and death spiritual care work up close. As a religious brother, I had volunteered in hospital chaplaincy (1993-1995) in South Central Los Angeles, as a Hospitaller Brother. For me, what was new was the chaplaincy program opened me to a new and deeper emotional window that allowed me to make inroads, and through my own personal lens allowed me to initiate an emotional and spiritual integration taking me to new levels of understanding facets to awareness.

A pathway that is not so new, opened for me almost to the point that seems to be prophetic. In my chaplaincy, the program offered me time and experience of transitioning that was encouraging for me, in that I started to catch up with myself, if you will, felt a [precognitive] force closing in on me at the same time, that I was sensing losing things physically, and spiritual, that I was to know deeper parts of me emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. And almost at the time of completing my chaplaincy program, in fact, two weeks prior to finishing the program, and directly after ordination in L.A., I, on my way back to Fresno lost my car (overheated) on the freeway that kept me stranded in Bakersfield for six days.

Needless to say, and without a car, job prospects came to a holt. No car, no job. Also, without a car, I had to delay coming back to Portland. I had to re-think what to do.
I believe what I was encountering was a spiritual dilemma causing some discernments of sorts to my emotions, but also my spirituality. I was more inclined to the mystical tradition and less ‘religious,’ found in my training and doing spiritual caring at a hospice and doing hospital rounds was exciting, caused me to be actively working on myself at the same time.
I began to discern and to ask questions fitting and through my own lens began to know my own journey more at the emotional and spiritual levels. I was able to come to experience my strengths and my weaknesses, naming them and integrating them daily as I did my daily hospital rounds in E.R., ICU, Telemetry, Palliative Care and Med.Surge units and as Chaplain intervening on “Code Blues,” crisis when needed.

During medical rounds, I was hearing the medical histories and the personal tragic stories of patients that allowed me to know compassion up front and to engage working with patients, families, and others as an empathic active listener in transition and with those in life and death crisis. This really caused me to think and to discern as to how I was able to facilitate meaning-making at a time of crisis and to act in a supportive role feeling inadequate at times but tried not to show it. The use of the Middle-eastern model; the Enneagram, speaks to its methodology for understanding aspects or facets to being related to defining the human and personal condition, alluding to the true reality to one’s consciousness, to inner knowing Self. These mechanisms act for us emotionally, spiritually and toward psychological wholeness to being/Essence, was a great asset for me in working with others in life and death issues/crisis. During my exit interview with the Manager of the Spiritual Care Department, suggested that I should try working in crisis intervention. I have a notion to what may come in the near future. Well, we shall see!

In Part II, I will offer you more details on the inside edition to what and why we should start to listen more…deeper!

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