My Mt. Adams weekend visit…

My Most recent visit to Yakima, WA. area a few months ago. This was a very interesting visit, to say the least experiencing Mt. Adams and Mount Adams Buddhist Monastery were surreal at best. I recall driving and coming closer to the valley and about 7 miles from the monastery, and on a very … [Read more...]

A Workbook of My Personal Spiritual Journey…

I will be offering this talk / Lecture at East-West Bookshop in Seattle, WA July 7th, 2019 between 3:00 pm – 6: 00 pm This personal narrative, a workbook of my personal journey, research to the unity of consciousness of the Self. I came to discern various chapters; my Karmic and Dharmic … [Read more...]

The “Akashic Chronicles.”

Ed (Narayanadas Jyoti) is a mystic-seer and visionary who offers his guidance through various tools. Aside from his training as a Non-denominational Chaplain, he is also a spiritual yogi, uses kriya yoga and mantra yoga. His innate gifts as a seer, a visionary at the transcendental level of … [Read more...]

The Blue Wave! This morning’s muse: When wounded, discover your spiritual ally!

The Blue Wave! This morning’s muse: When wounded, discover your spiritual ally! I understand the ‘blue wave’ as a process unlike what happened in Japan’s earthquake followed by the tsunami, that traveled silently as it motioned toward the shore. Initially, like the public didn’t know of its … [Read more...]


Part Two: In this narrative I reflect from two very opposite poles: The two elements are 1) the Eastern or (Universal) axis; and 2) the Western or the (mundane physical) Axis. First, the Eastern Axis: the Universal; Cosmic Source at the highest station is the source of mind or (Chit … [Read more...]


UPDATE OFFERING YOU AN UPDATE: 2013 - 2018 Part l After leaving Eagle Creek, OR. (2013) and completing my first book, I drifted down to the Central Valley, (Fresno, CA.) to enter a Chaplaincy program in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in Hospice and Clinical Spiritual Care. Although it … [Read more...]

PART TWO: The Cry of the Poor in (Spirit); and Hear the Emotional Pull That Tugs.

These [Gen-Xers] some calling them millennials, are the generation from years past, and before the Gen Zs; we are referring to those high school kids who have been recently killed in Parkland, Florida. These individuals were born before and around the year 2000. This group of individuals are those … [Read more...]

PART ONE: The Cry of the Poor in (Spirit); and Hear the Emotional Pull That Tugs…

Ah! How does one define the good'ol hermit days...Occasionally, I do come out from the cave back to the celebrate not only the year of the DOG; but also to celebrate the year 2018 Year cycle of 11 = 2: Balance...NEW direction! Ooh whoa! And sometimes, one can hear the cry of the poor in … [Read more...]

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