Blossoming into Awareness:

Blossoming into Awareness: This ‘Blossoming into Awareness’ is one that is a life-long process come to points of discernment along the path that has helped me to recall toward a meaning-making life narrative to synthesis and transcend Karmic patterns, for the ‘soul’ purpose to merge the Dharmic … [Read more...]

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The Inner States…

July 5, 2017 The inner states to one's path, seems to suggest that the only way to reach a place of impeccability in this journey toward the spiritual life, are two elements: 1) the grace of one's Gurus; 2) The Grace of God... ...For without the grace of teacher (guru), the grace of God will not … [Read more...]

The Celestial Musicians at play…

The breeze on the mountain, standing by the open gate, the celestial heavenly muse, oh the Gandharvas (Divine musicians) sing. I hear it, I hear the songs, the silent, perfect sounds to the secret heart, Oh sacred moment in time; a breath resonant, [si se canta] of divine sweetness to thy Love. … [Read more...]

New Book released now on Amazon: A Journey Through Self Transformation for Service as Minister.

My book released. A Journey Through Self-Transformation for Service as Minister by Edward A. del Arroyo An Excerpt  to the Introduction of my book: My Near Death Experience spoke to me of the power of awareness, and the clarity of being, that in the process of suffering in life, one comes from … [Read more...]

Introduction to ‘Blossoming of Pearls: Your Own. … [Read more...]

Awakening to Transcendence: The Lighter Side of Silence

Well, Dr. It all started prior to being invited to enter this life. I looked over the ‘paper work’ and at first doubted that I should actualize this and 'reincarnate' to volunteer to the terrestrial call. Then, I heard, ‘Sign It’!  Say what!! First of all, what I want to do here is offer you the … [Read more...]

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