At this time in our collective crisis, history, heavy-duty prayers are being called for at this crucial period in our world.

For the most part, I don’t think people are listening. I believe people are wanting to just go right back to their usual ways of ‘not-living’ and think that they are. I believe many are asking me to offer prayers that I’m currently doing.

There is a definite shift and this shift is not something new. It is slowly making us WAKE UP! The nature of this shift is not to manifest too quickly, or people won’t get the message. This is a slow awakening in the consciousness of mankind (humankind) that has been happening for some time now. So, there is more to come, so we need to be prepared!

My Council of the Ancient Ones has given me a mandate and that if so desire to follow up on their recommendation. It’s been advised also that I increase my prayer-time to four hours daily for the specific intent for healing and protection for those in need, which I have done and will continue to do well after September 2020 or until further notice. I have heard those of you who spiritually have connected with me. Whether you know it or not, you are on my prayer list.

Also, I wish to offer briefly my background to my spiritual care ministry.

I have worked as a spiritual care provider with various faith traditions, from both Eastern and Western theological references that I honor most of my adult life. For many years my practice goes back to following a Vedantic (Eastern) tradition since 1988 that included being initiated as a pujari (Priest) in the Hindu tradition by my guru. Also, I was following a Roman Catholic tradition since birth but knew a universal call was waiting for me.

I was set in studying Vedic Literature and Sanskrit at MUM – headed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Fairfield, Iowa for two years becoming knowledgeable with the ancient Vedic tradition once again. This transition took me into assessing my karmas/dharma that years later felt the strengthening/capacity of my prayerful skills became proficient with my competency toward acknowledging my direction. And now that it is near complete, I am hearing my Council of the Ancient One’s resonating in support of my spirit.

In this trying journey and transitional process of ours, I wish to bridge an effective model to both Western and Eastern (Shakti) traditions, including but not limited to the art of empathic active listening and healing vibrational prayer in [Sanskrit] that I use. Currently, aside from my sadhana, or (Spiritual practice), I am also proficient in researching consciousness in the Vedic Science tradition with mantric recitation for the healing and protection for others. This enables me to use both the Western and Eastern faith traditions as an active prayerful member to advocate integral healing for others. You see as a Shakti Kriya yogi, prayerful skills are good on me!

In my experience in teaching the art of meditation, I have witnessed and have enabled individuals in reducing their stress levels in what some have said were miraculous.
My experience as a spiritual care agent offers a blend that the use of my depth of compassionate experiences with the various population in my care that include patients with various faith traditions have worked well for those especially in severe crisis (COPD patients) afflicted with terminal lung issues have seen the changes occur.

In conclusion, I have written as part of my graduate thesis called, ‘A Journey Through Self Transformation for Service as Minister’, where I speak to the spiritual caregivers’ means to self-caring. I offer a gentle healing presence and seek to build the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels to enable one to come to Self-empowerment on one’s terms. With that, I wish to respond to an effective ministry at the holistic, intrinsic, and ecumenical levels.
I wish to thank you for your time in reading this and for your consideration of me.

Best Regards,
E. Narayan del Arroyo, S.P., M. Div.

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