Deep in the Recesses of my Mind, the Play of Consciousness Beckons.



1) I wanted to share two events that occurred in the most recent times. I’ve had many experiences, but these were getting my attention, to say the least, to an awakened heart. I find myself becoming with delight and into future’s Light in Bliss, now; yet again. One was in deep meditation occurring in 2017. I was in a ‘Bubble,” floating and bopping away, as though I was actually weightless in Space to come my way. She came to me. Had no idea who the Diety was. And never heard Her name. She was and is a form of Durga Maa, who I have a devotion to as Chandi.

2) The other was just in the morning a few days ago, that took me to that same silent space, in space, beyond… oh yeah! I took a look-see, but nobody was home. Oh, it was beautiful, and all to myself. I hope you enjoy this as I still do each morning, in my Sadhana!

Deep in the recesses of my mind, the play of consciousness beckons.

Oh, Divine Oneness in all things, I can’t help wonder Who You Are Beyond, Beyond.

Beyond the dark horizons, I see nothing but clear space, black space. I seem to be in a placement setting that allows me to dance within. This flow of wakefulness that stirs the grateful heart, doing what silent does, offers her stillness; yet dynamic power of consciousness that alludes to the fulfillment of I am.

I see far, far, away, I saw the Divine Mother, mistaking her to be Shiva, far in the distance.

The indweller of the house, oh yes, the Self. The reverberation of the Self, the owner of the house Is there brilliantly lit within. Shiva, is that you? You’re floating away from me and now coming towards me, closer and closer you become, not Shiva! Who are you, I asked?

Who are you? I asked in this lonely dwelling place.

The innermost being is seen reverberating inside a bubble where I am watchful, floating through this inquiring, yet still infinite mind. It is Cit, and the true essence of my wakefulness, the element that is beyond knowing that I am to touch the unknown. Come and see, stay, don’t go! Stay!

Again, I ask? Who are you? I don’t know who you are!

After a brief pause, this was the response,

I am called Bhuvaneshwari, They call me Bhuvaneshwari. Saying nothing more, she simply left!

I am Dancing and laughing radiant beauty, intoxicated with love, and ecstatic Bliss. But, wait, don’t go, I said, leaving me as you came, Mother? I watched as you left. Your deep Meditative Bliss was awesome to see…

Mother, you came to remind me where I am, to be, in this Leela of divine ecstatic dance where I shall return, Oh ViKunta Narayana, Oh Heavenly Abode. So, where has the darkness gone? Oh, my love…; oh, silence, oh silence, stillness… I am.

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