Monk’s Korner: Tales of the Mystic…

Monk’s Korner: Tales of a Mystic: TRUTH AWAKENING truth…

I like to offer you some food for thought here. Keep in mind this mantra:

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamudayai Viche Namaha! [1]om Creation, Circumstance, Transformation are known by Consciousness. (17)

This mantra concerns itself as a prayer to self-empowerment; a three in one mantra to the Divine Mother: Saraswati/Durga/Laksmi; as Chamundi…

That being said, I want you to go back in time with me to the year 1986-87. I had at the time, been having auditory ‘hallucinations’ hearing the previous mantra just mentioned above, over and over. Moreover, part of my experience of transcendence was hearing the above mantra almost every day.  Not knowing what this meant, I was on a roll to find out what this and other mantras I was hearing meant.  I mentioned previously, a time of transformation for me at a deep level of consciousness. Mind you, I was not in a cave at that time. In fact, I was working full time as a triage nurse in the mental health field; (emergency psych)…had lots of questions…

I had no idea what the words were and didn’t understand the meaning to them. Not realizing that over a period of time (years) did I come to know that these were Sanskrit prayers. I did not know Sanskrit. What came next was a drastic change, which drove me to leave my work and travel to India, where my journey continued to go deeper.

This was all before meeting my personal gurus; Sant Keshavadas and Sathya Sai Baba, including other gurus’s/swami’s I, would eventually come to know. They would play an integral part directly relating to my awakening process in this life. I would eventually meet Sai Baba, of Puttaparthi, not Shirdi Sai (in the physically) whom I had already come to experience his visitation earlier prior to going to India. I’ll talk on a little later on in this series.

As soon as I landed in Bangalore, India early in the morning, like 2 am IST, I would have a precognitive awareness realized I would be getting very ill during the visit. However, I had a few days prior of free time prior to attending the ‘World Peace Conference’ in Bangalore, where I met many Swamis, Saints, Sages and Sadhus of many traditions; Including Swami Satchidananda Maharaj.  I felt like my soul had come ‘home.’

As I had about a week traveling to Goa, Mumbai, and other towns along the interior of India, I traveled to Mysore, India in Karnataka State, where I had an opportunity to stay the night at the Maharaja’s Guest House situated right next to the Maharaja’s Palace. See Pics… I felt like I spent a lot of time there in the past life, but, unbeknownst to me, the Chamundi Temple was there not far away. Here’s the connection to my past life…again!

Mind you, there is a hill nearby called, Chamundi Hills, where Chamuneshwari Temple and where other Temples are located also…I did not know this at the time either. I was so close to knowing the answers. Soon within the week of arriving in India, I got sick with dysentery and had to call for doctor’s care, and for the most part losing 12 pounds in four days. I would be laid up most of my trip. I had to say goodbye to a possible six month or more trip. Arriving at the Ashok Hotel, I met up with a Swami who came into the hotel approached me, who said he wanted to take me to the Himalayas …I and those standing around talking with one another were stunned. Nothing but silence …Just moments ago prior to his arrival, I talked about going to the Himalayas. It’s possible that he heard us talk about this, however. So, another shift hitting the fan …Whaaaa …What did this mean?

[1] Saraswati, Swami Satyananda. Ganesha Puja. Napa: Devi Mandir Publications, 1990.


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