My Mt. Adams weekend visit…

My Most recent visit to Yakima, WA. area a few months ago. This was a very interesting visit, to say the least experiencing Mt. Adams and Mount Adams Buddhist Monastery were surreal at best.

I recall driving and coming closer to the valley and about 7 miles from the monastery, and on a very bright sunny day, I had a clear glimpse and awesome sight of the mountain. What I saw just blew my mind. I mean to say, my mouth dropped as I was going seventy miles an hour trying to keep control of the car. I saw in front of me which looked like a giant crystal, the width of the mountain, hovering miles high above shining on all sides. The whole valley immediately felt immense energy.

At Trout Lake Abbey I also had an opportunity to visit the Abbott of the Zen Monastery who was very hospitable. I spent a few hours speaking with him and meditating in the Temple completely myself. I had the most interesting experiences. One, I heard people chanting in a small room. I went to investigate, and when I opened the door, there wasn’t anybody there. Then, in the Temple too, another interesting tidbit, was when I sit on other people’s safu, I didn’t bring mine from home, I will have visual experiences during a sitting.

Typically, sitting on someone else’s safu, I’ll start to have visions of their past lives that may or may not be relating to me. However, [coincidentely], I believe I may have sat on Abbott’s safu, saying to myself, ‘oh boy, now what!’

I believe the vision I was having was telling me I had a past life was with the Abbott in Mongolia. I was seeing this through the lens, as I call it, of some technical, ‘Universal Vision,’ if you will, without the gear. I was able to stay the night feeling very rested and energized. It felt very much like ‘home.’

So after breakfast, I spent some time on the monastery ground walking the grounds. However, later that day, I drove up to get closer to the Mountain and came to sit at the edge of the lake a short while. I didn’t like all the bugs flying all around me, though. That wasn’t good. Forgot all about those ‘nets.’ I also got very sunburned too!

The Vortex around the whole area is so much different than Sedona, Az., and very powerful too, very healing, indeed! Although, in Sedona, I did meet-up with ETs who gave me some healing I needed. Mt.Adams is sure enough busy too, and very busy with lots of Ets (UFO) activity flying all around!! It’s busier than the 405 freeway in LA, CA. and I don’t mean people wise, either, unlike Sedona!!

There is no traffic within or around the mountain at Mt. Adams. And there are no Campers except us who are camped further down below. At night, waiting for the UFOs to fly in as they had earlier in the night, but that was coming to a close. I stood looking at the mountain, up until 11:00 pm, then had to call it a night, because of the mountain top slowed up on UFO coming in and leaving and it was getting very cold and getting dark. So, I gave the mountain my last look for the night bidding them goodnight. Then, all of a sudden, before I turned away and pack up to leave, they (ETs) flashed a giant beam of light at me. Then, I knew, they knew I was ‘here.’ Telepathically, we are connected!! Both Mt. Adams and the Monastery were so beautiful to see and to experience giving me such a dynamic weekend.

After returning home to Portland, the energy of the mountain was so powerful that it lasted me most of three weeks afterward. What came to my attention was the commercial on the ‘EveryReady bunny.’ I mean to say, I was feeling the clarity within and throughout since the visit with lots of spunk. Immediately, I thought of moving to Mt. Adams for sure and to be closer to the ETs that are visiting there all the time.

Since my visit to Mt. Adams, I have had a few new spirit guides now communicating with me. These ETs are from the Orion Constellation who connect with me due to past life and now have an ongoing relationship with. On my next blog, I will offer some thoughts I’ve had with them since and post that information as it becomes available.

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