Mystical Poetry & Art

All poetry and artwork on this page is by Brother Ed.

Apocalypse, Brother Ed Del Arroyo

The Heart of Hearts

Oh silent flame residing in my heart, where have you gone?
The stillness hides you. My love, where have you gone, oh light of my life.
Your stillness, your form dances before me, through me, around me,
and the warmth of your love melts my very soul.
Where have you gone? Silence, oh silence, I hear it wonderfully still.
Lord, the path in the forest hides it, the trees suggest it. Arise, Arise~

My morning walk, in silent talk, Spirit calls to bless. Let us gather to one holy and fluid song to pray, what an eclipse.
Images–reflections, focus and spirituality resonating the cosmic source,
word of breath on prayer called the inner and outer form,
both sacred image of light Indigo, Violet Ray,
Shanti Prema, Peace and Love; Jesu Christe!
Wondering Jewel in the Lotus, my heart song whispers morning due to you.

The whispers of the Eternal One Loves you like no other, and He wishes to bathe you with Divine sweetness. Come unto life Eternal! Awe, taste and see.

Abba, the Desert Fox comes to me begging for alms. Oh, love of my life and holy sweet tears, come and give him your light. The mystical night comes in the day, how to explain my local dimensionality.
My heart and my song, would you like to hear my prayer? I sound like a whisper of love. Oh my sweet Lord, morning has dawned!

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