PART ONE: The Cry of the Poor in (Spirit); and Hear the Emotional Pull That Tugs…

Ah! How does one define the good’ol hermit days…Occasionally, I do come out from the cave back to the body…to celebrate not only the year of the DOG; but also to celebrate the year 2018 Year cycle of 11 = 2: Balance…NEW direction! Ooh whoa! And sometimes, one can hear the cry of the poor in (spirit); and hear the emotional pull that tugs at you.

However, as a Yogi / mystic-seer, I see differently than most people and therefore, ‘see’ from a different lens to bridge clarity. Moreover, one can’t stop in believing the goodness that is to prevail and come to the forefront in the near future. I hope one has to believe in terms of our terrestrial sojourn that this [earth karma] can be an overwhelming reality to experience comes to be empowered with some goodness which is supportive. I, in the quietude of my mind, purifying thoughts and through the sacred heart, pray to those souls who have crossed to the other side absolute peace. And, for those who remain heart pray [strength] to make things strong with an everlasting in love…sustaining life.

In this short discourse, like to suggest to you, and to articulate that from a clarified mind/thoughts, have come to balance pray mindfulness and from the sacred heart, a purified [Prema—Love; to engender Shanti—Peace in calming fear, anger; come to resolve through the notion of Compassion [Ahimsa] or Hamsa, radiate the Swan within that you are for self and others. In doing so, one will enable self and others to come through, via clarity to meaning-making as one will engender some form of the peaceful resolution within, come to be supported through one’s self-empowered nature that is yours at this time of crisis.

A new and everlasting trend is upon us now, and it is time to call up one’s spiritual reserves, to an inner force to help sustain that which can never be compromised in any way; TRUTH. The nature of truth, your truth, [Our truth]…and from which the darkness cannot hide nor can it be an emotional or spiritual distortion in any way; as in FAKE NEWS.

I would like to offer you, the reader some thoughts in regards to the spiritual and emotional evolution and development regarding [individual] soul groups that hold this TRUTH, the dynamics of the Indigo children and Crystal adult which have evolved over the millennium since the early 20th century have all come from truth. Each has affected the social construct and how they have responded in their own way as these ‘waves’ or groups affect individually the dynamic toward manifesting consciousness affecting culture, emotional and spiritual autonomy act as valuable spiritual entities and as ally upon the social contract. What is the emotional and spiritual time which calls to us to discern and to reflect how we make sense of it all?

They’re here as a deliberate force from many places in the universe, and over the years offer us their spiritual levels of unique forms of consciousness have over the millenniums to usher in the ‘new paradigm’ of consciousness, for change, have empowered humanity with their light source that in this particular cycle, and since the early 1920s have come in helping in making transitions, to unfold a new birthing of soul direction for our world now and for the years to come. I offer you, the reader, an ‘inside edition, speak to the individuals called [Indigos and adult crystals] who have been here from the earliest cycles since the 1920s.

Below the author, Dolores Canon in her book, “Three Waves of Volunteers” speaks to these groups and offers us a glimpse of which the terrestrial trends we discern as to the transiting to the spiritual evolution alluding to the emerging consciousness opening now in today’s ‘New World,’ with a dramatic outcome yet to be revealed.

Please read below:
FIRST WAVE: (UPDATE: With her new book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, published in mid-2011, Dolores Cannon has now included people who were born directly after the dropping of the atom bombs in World War II in 1945.) [My own personal take on this is that these individuals have been coming into this terrestrial world since the days of Bonnie and Clyde of the 20s, although in smaller percentages]. Born in the mid to late 1940’s, 1950’s and throughout the 60’s, these people would be in their 40’s, 50’s and their early 60’s at this present time. Some may finally be adjusting to life after going through turbulent early years of feeling they didn’t belong here.

SECOND WAVE– Born in the 1970’s and 80’s, these individuals would presently be in their 40’s and 50’s. The Second Wavers have had a far easier time adjusting to Earth.
The First Wave: Were the pioneers or the trailblazers that is why they had so much difficulty with living on planet Earth. The Second Wave has had it far easier and do not have near the problems that the First Wave has experienced.

Dolores Cannon refers to the Second Wavers as “channels, generators, and antennas,” and they generally project a very positive energy.
There are just here to be. The energy they have in their body effects everyone they come in contact with. Many have chosen not to have children, as this creates karma, and they don’t want to have to return to Earth after this life.
They are very gentle, they could walk through a mall or a grocery store and affect everyone. They emanate a very positive energy.
Just like the First Wavers, they just want to do their job and get out of here. They also are protected by a karmic shield because they don’t want to be stuck on Earth and unable to return home.

THIRD WAVE: Born in the 1990’s to the present, these are the “New Children” who are coming into the world with their DNA already altered before they even arrive so they are able to function in a different reality. The vibrations coming into the planet are pushing Earth into a whole new dimension and they are already prepared.
Some call this Third Wave of souls the Indigo children, or the Crystal children. They are also known as the gift to the world. They are the hope of the world and they come in knowing so much more than either the First or Second Wave.

To follow-up to speak on the ‘shifting’ of current events relating to coming together in ‘Hope,’ and ‘Conciliation,’ the many questions as to the why’s people have now, and to the most recent events in these past years up to the current moments. I personally hope to offer the reader some understanding toward meaning-making in these times of crisis. But most of all wanted to speak to the recent development to the unfolding serious incident in Parkland, Florida and with the most recent ones as well; the Pulse; Sandy-Hook which has affected our psyche on the emotional and spiritual levels forevermore to the personal and at the communal level shared. These children have not given of themselves, their life in vain…

There are many, many changes yet to come and to manifest to come into [balance] and as a result, regarding the beginning of this year (2018) that will be increasingly intense. In effect, this is the emergence of changing winds reflected with the dramatic rash of schools shooting and loss of young people over the years will, unfortunately, see an increase in violence and continued environmental changes which include natural disasters.

I wish to offer to some degree of support toward understanding via meaning-making from these most recent occurrences; I wish to offer you, an ‘insight edition,’ if you will, to the unfolding events which have occurred over the most recent years that is due to trauma and the development of coming from the darkest points of our underdeveloped emotional and spiritual (minds-society) on the one hand, but have an opportunity to build the (our) ‘inner’ journey (thoughts) lost will make attempts in strenghtening and returning to balance; but not before can be in a very harsh way.
Well, the question is: “how do we understand this unadulterated assault on the lives of young children and seventeen-year-old students, and those other [Angels] parents have lost in Sandy-Hook, etc? For those lost in Las Vegas…?

This year will manifest BIG changes and lots of happenings; on all fronts. We will see more of the ‘Indigo children and Crystal’ adults come out of their cocoons and begin their flight to the world stage as we are seeing now. The ‘Old’ structures will conclude its destructive path and the ‘New’ will begin; shattering old patterns no longer valid for our world. We can now see that happening, [sadly] in Parkland, Florida… (CON’T)

In Part Two, I will continue to speak to this unfolding event, speak to the nature of the “Three Waves of Volunteers.” [Stay In-Tuned]

Om Shanti Prema: Sai Ram

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