PART TWO: The Cry of the Poor in (Spirit); and Hear the Emotional Pull That Tugs.

These [Gen-Xers] some calling them millennials, are the generation from years past, and before the Gen Zs; we are referring to those high school kids who have been recently killed in Parkland, Florida. These individuals were born before and around the year 2000. This group of individuals are those who will usher in the “New,” and get the job done in all areas purifying the ‘Old’ of life, cutting down to the issues to begin and kick-starting events; including, for the most part, the political one, as we are seeing now.

Their leadership does not require any form of supervision, as they have an innate GPS within their own consciousness, will guide and teach those in Congress a thing or two, which will change the future landscape of this country. One only needs to listen to how they are coming to the forefront and listen to how they speak; articulating; TRUTH and WISDOM.

The door has opened, for this group has awakened to fulfill its potential for this journey, which will bring out the scope of practice and through this lens inherent within these souls, view the new dreamscape to the political stage, which will be most significant to the future of, not only to this country, but throughout the world; for Indigos and Crystals are not limited to one country or another. The world is now ready for a major shift; although, the road ahead will be a difficult one.

Let’s go back a little in time that reflects the universal call manifest in the era of the 60s and the days of the hippies of love and peace; an incoming flow of cosmic energies affecting behaviors, piercing higher consciousness if you will. It was one that we can also witness through a new introduction to that of the TM Meditation teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at that time, showing the infused nature of consciousness awakened and manifesting the era of Beatle mania for one, Woodstock being the other opening up to the LSD drug movement; or simply going through the tulips at a free ‘Love-In Festival for free.’

But, even before that, we reflect the time as early of the 1920s, not much was heard about these types of kids around at this time, as they were few in number, and these young Indigos represented were those of the Silent era: silent movies anyone; these individuals began to emerge from behind the scenes although, in a quiet way. What I am referring to the spiritual dimension of the coming introduction to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius where peace and love among all nature becomes one.

I am speaking of the spiritual nature that was and is evolving and finally reaching a pivotal cycle and time period of our social construct which is now at the ‘twelfth’ hour with no turning back. Therefore, time will even speed up, and the common person will start to fill the [paradigm shifts] in a very tangible way, some will be able to tolerate this shift, others, not so…and will have an immense difficulty to adhering to it on all levels; the personal and communal levels.

That being said, and to reiterate; the first wave of Indigo/Crystal souls were born between the years of the 1920s and early parts of the 1950s have paved the way for those who are more recent arrivals to continue in carrying the [spiritual cosmic banner]. Listed below will give you a map to how these generation overlap one another offering a schematics of things from early as 1920s known as the (silent generation) to the ‘Baby Boomers, [Vietnam era and the Hippies era’]; and Late Boomer,’ and to these [Gen Zs] I spoke of earlier, are latest souls who will begin to make dramatic inroads to our way of life, bringing in their talents that will engender great changes, marching on, even superseding those ‘old’ patterns of the past previous decades, bringing in the ‘new patterns’ that is fitting the new paradigm will be well prepared when this “shift will hit the fan” to its ‘core,’ sort of speak, where the old cannot hold on any longer to a paradigm that no longer works. This is the key here. Meaning, if the majority of those in control work against the flow of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ or flow of TRUTH and WISDOM, matching the cosmic source, these social construct maintained over the millenniums will, in effect not survive the turning and upcoming cycles of nature.
For your perusal, please see below:

Therefore, the natural question is, are we repeating past event patterns returning to surface once again? And, does this seem to suggest the emergence of spiritual consciousness from the 1960s ready for us to change? If so, does this mean we will be able to discern this integrating process to meaning-making, unfold life to discern the next cycle, come to a cosmic ‘order’ toward this [New Age] as in a ‘New Dawning’ if you will?

These are times that are coming to a cycle period, indeed, to build up and at the same time destroy and build down misconceptions and falsehoods to uphold [Truth and spiritual rightness]; of ‘cosmic’ Christ consciousness if you will. The ‘Indigos have come to merge into the “Crystal Adult level manifesting the [Christ consciousness] for this new age and during this paradigm shift, one will see this in action. My interpretation is that this has already happened at the time before Columbine (Colorado) event. Hence, the Parkland School incident in Florida is that ultimate doorway opening now which will facilitate the movement of change and will not return but will continue its journey to its fulfillment.

How can we come to a meeting place in management to meaning-making bring to the table, some sense to the senseless and outrageous murderers of children and young kids seventeen years old; including those who have perished in Las Vegas, San Bernardino? Those who have died have not died in vain. Their lives are precious and remain precious. Their legacy will be that they engendered innocence, and has expressed love to its fullest, and given in their own special way, a lasting gift. It is the example of what the Buddhist term reflect: compassionate mindfulness to all sentient being, which peace speaks to, and for us that unites us offering us strength shared for all those in need, come to in-tune that same love.

Moreover, the lessons will continue until we are finally are able to come to our senses begin to realize that this stepping stone is just that, steps out from the ‘old’ which have taught us to that which speak to us on the coherence to our self-empowered nature, the color of our values to that which is toward an emergence on facets of TRUTH, which has always been with us, but now has been building for some years, if not decades more, will come to fullest fruition.

Some have offered irrational reasoning based on the religious fundamentals that only offer questionable anthropomorphic theodicy and as reference, please copy and paste, see: [Against Theodicy]; notwithstanding or holding up to scrutiny, reveal emotional and psychological disturbance resulting from the individual and to the social construct, outdated model that has been a questionable construct based on mental and spiritual disorder in this country for some time now.

Nevertheless, I believe this change from ‘old paradigm’ to a ‘new’ which is happening currently has had its creation for some time now not only in our country but worldwide. This will challenge the old paradigm and will ask much of us in a time of crisis yet to come. This will be our lesson, and the homework that we will see happening manifesting in the environmental changes that will occur more dramatically than ever before, the continued social unrest, testing us at our core to further locate our personal and communal ‘Truth.’

How does one come to address those who are terrorizing our communities with military assault rifles used especially for war, used for shooting up Day Care centers and High Schools, and music venues and colleges? How pathetic is that that the current event surrounding and leading up to the Parkland, Florida murders, the wave of its aftermath not being taken seriously, with our own Congress which continues to ignore this issue! These so-called leaders are obviously being lead, not by their personal strengths but by their inferior weaknesses of lust for money and the power that it seems to offer them a direction to distort the reality of sorts.

Through the lack of (Moral or Ethical values) to care, and to the self-expression value to their self-aggrandizement and lack of self-empowered nature, an embarrassment not only our country, but to the world stage, seem to muster up enough energy to exploit all those who are vulnerable; the young, the defenseless and marginalized. Segments of our society are going to respond to that which is natural and at the same time, morally and ethically correct, and at the soul level will no longer standby; (Parkland Students) will no longer tolerate allowing this to happen anymore. Many of those in position) of power will be very much taken off guard; will be surprised how this will be accomplished. There is no turning back and saying: ‘I’m sorry’ ‘It too late for that.’ There’s a new ‘voice’ in town; they’re the Indigo and Crystal students and Adults will help to move and help communities to cross-over, if you will, through to this new paradigm shift, to a calmer shore…bridging harmony, echoing a cycle toward resolution.

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