Spiritual Caring

EDWARD DEL ARROYO, M. Div., is an independent ordained Priest in the Malabar Rite (Syrian) tradition. Ed is a visionary, mystic – seer and spiritual director trained at Shalom Prayer Center, Mount Angel, Oregon. He has recently completed his Chaplaincy training at St. Agnes Medical Center, in Fresno, CA. He comes to bridge the planetary and cosmic paradigms with universal spiritual principles specifically for this time.

To each session, Ed brings a rich knowledge of Eastern (Vedantic) and Middle-eastern (Enneagram) and Western spiritual traditions and theology. With empathic active listening and spiritual intuitive empathic depth, he will guide you towards an effective individual spiritual understanding as well as integral wholeness to one’s pathway and journey.  The Akasha (space –Vishuddha) which is transformative pure consciousness governing the fifth chakra, or wheel has a special value that allows communicates and transformation to occur toward further understanding to insight to the higher frequency to consciousness to present, past and future circumstances.

Ed blends Eastern and Western traditions employ a deep interpretation from your auric field revealing consciousness to past, present, and future endeavors most important to the soul’s journey offering glimpses of past events relevant to karmic endeavors. He also explores through his clairvoyant abilities to ‘see’ significance to that which affects the interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics within one’s journey using the Akashic Records as a primary source. He is also a scanner and his intuitive abilities enable and moves consciousness at will. Ed teaches ‘Shabdha Yoga, The Yoga of Sound, through (Breath) pranayama.

Individual Sessions

Schedule a personalized session. Ed is available each day, 10:00 am – 5: 00 pm except Sunday’s.

Sessions can be over the phone, Zoom, (this is a better method as I can send you a recorded video message) or Skype which does not have recorded availability (rootofthelotus)

Choose an option

  • 30 min…$ 75
  • 60 min…$135
  • 90 min…$180


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