I’ve had the privilege of working with Ed for over 10 years ~ initially connecting with my mom who’d recently passed away at the time and most recently for the loss of my brother. From the first I immediately felt at ease with Ed – I find him to be warm, caring and very kind. He has helped me immeasurably over the years with my personal growth and has always provided answers to questions that have gone beyond the specific ask ~ answers that are accurate and valuable ~ all of which has helped me in the various aspects of my mind, body and spirit life. It’s my pleasure to give Ed my highest recommendation. M.Grove – Washington

“I contacted Brother Ed because I had chronic pain and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 14 years. Ed contacted my Akashic Records, explained my past lives, communicated with my deceased mother and father, described a particular phenomena in my body, and then guided me through a meditation to free myself of the karma of this.

Today, I am more alert than I have been for decades… energized and refreshed. The relationship with my family and toward myself has changed dramatically since my sessions with Ed. My therapist and I had been trying to break the “I can’t” deadlock. Looks like it got broken!” ~ Dan, Portland, OR

“After twenty years of searching for a medical diagnosis to explain all my physical ills, in less than five minutes, Brother Ed was able to identify the source of my disease (dis-ease) and bring me face to face with myself (my self). I felt a calmnesss surround me which opened the window allowing me to take a look at the astounding amount of energy I have been expending into running away from the truth these past 59 years!

Using a unique sense of humor that encouraged me to acknowledge the truth of who I am (I AM), I find myself willing to take the time to examine my reason for being here and to understand that all is well, that a good life still awaits me here!Although I cannot specifically identify how, in just two brief sessions, and by following the advice (suggestions) offered, I am experiencing profound changes (healing) both physically and spiritually. I am so grateful.” ~ Diane S, RN, BSN

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