The “Akashic Chronicles.”

Ed (Narayanadas Jyoti) is a mystic-seer and visionary who offers his guidance through various tools. Aside from his training as a Non-denominational Chaplain, he is also a spiritual yogi, uses kriya yoga and mantra yoga. His innate gifts as a seer, a visionary at the transcendental level of consciousness enables him to bridge the practical as a spiritual coach and guide. Ed also utilizes his training in the Vedic Sciences in bridging emotional and spiritual systems to integrate concerns for his clients. He also has the innate ability to read what he calls, the “Akashic Chronicles.” The akashic record readings, drawing on his innate abilities to view, and through the help of the ‘Akashic Lords’ enables Ed the understanding presented to him in the form of a Cosmic Library of Consciousness, where manuscripts of soul records are presented to Ed in narrative form or in scenes.

Working directly with the souls Akashic Lords, (Helpers) what is revealed for the individual the most important and current themes of the day or to a past life, one gains a broader perspective on the persons current lifetime or [future sequences of memories] for emotional, spiritual and psychological breakthroughs.

Let’s look at what are the “Akashic Records.” Within the Seven Chakras, the throat or Vishudda chakra is where the doorway to the Akashic records are held: this fifth chakra manifests a state of consciousness which reflect the ‘hidden’ potential values of mind or consciousness that relate to past, present and future memories.

It is a Sanskrit word, meaning: ether/space; internal (Mundane) vs (Cosmic mind); external worlds, respectively. A state where one becomes awakens to the potentiating memories or opening knowledge allowing one to become lord of speech, or become a poet, artist and where one hears the Akashic Records at the deeper levels. Understanding dawns, as Ed shares why events happen, how people or events have played beneficial (though it may have seemed that these parts were damaging) parts in a person’s life.

What is seen, Ed shares these value of the documents revealing communal (world) or family (karmic experiences) explaining the relationship regarding persons learned patterns of behavior/lifestyle or environmental significance from stored carryover dynamics to memories to discovering of valuable life lessons. This helps the person to heal back into wholeness with full integrity toward the Dharmic value of mind and spirit, live a successful lifestyle and spiritual journey.

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