The Blue Wave! This morning’s muse: When wounded, discover your spiritual ally!

The Blue Wave! This morning’s muse: When wounded, discover your spiritual ally!

I understand the ‘blue wave’ as a process unlike what happened in Japan’s earthquake followed by the tsunami, that traveled silently as it motioned toward the shore. Initially, like the public didn’t know of its coming. Now, especially Republican having experienced its political fallout effects, are only now realizing their recent loses, in a major way.

Damage Done: This is what they have created:

The damage that you, the Republican Party have created over the years, will last decades. On the other hand, the Democrats will want to hold on to ‘old ways’ and ideas that no longer serve the future need and now must know how to formulate a new model and ideas to match the new Millennium for our future’s sake.

This so-called ‘blue wave’ is a slowing manifesting phenomenon: From the unmanifest to the manifest. You’ve forgotten who you are, instead walk the course blindly, must turn to your source which is divinity within.

What we have built over the millennia from both the personal and communal social construct have in common over the years, have entrusted emotional and psychological behavioral pattern known as anger, fear, pain and in addition to countless suffering throughout the world a hatred of one another; well, basically, a hatred of ourselves. Look into the mirror and ask yourselves, “what do you see?”

War/Anger/Fear and Hate.

We have been at War for the past Twenty years. This pattern of anger, fear and hate must change and need to change now! WAR needs to end now…There is NO reason for War, but as we continue to have Wars, we will have mass shootings in our country. Stop the WAR, the mass shootings we are experiencing will end, too!

The unconscious becoming conscious:

This is the reason why we have mass shootings. We as a country and as individuals are psychologically not well. Our country is mentally unstable. And with the instability we manifest on the outer surface, is due to the inner turmoil from its base.

Anger within is anger throughout. Fear within is fear in society. Pain and suffering are the results.

So, we must ask our wounded healers to come our way to teach and pray…

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