“The Nature of Self.”

By exploring the true nature of the self, one is awakened to the value and depth to pure consciousness and enables the process to understanding the essence to being, gain an understanding of yourself, the pathway that is unprecedented toward ‘Blossoming of Pearls” Your Own: My work is a five-fold model: 1) for helping others to integrate one’s story or life narrative, to ‘see’ within the mundane world 2) to help integrate and to merge universal wisdom, experience a dialog in self within 3) to regain and reclaim wholeness to inner essence to Self through one’s personal lens and to enable one to integrate creative intelligence 4) to know the difference 5) through the inner invitation of the inquiry to one’s nature fitting to each client.

This process will help explore states to Self-awareness, and through self-analysis, it will help self-awareness to mind, body, and spirit. A process toward the depth of Self, pure consciousness, to respond automatically invites the nature to Essence/Self in the life course. Therefore, the experiential practice and procedure actually open one to a depth of consciousness that, through physiology, affects awakening consciousness itself.

A Mystic-seer, visionary, a Remote Viewer, and Vedic Spiritual Counselor, one who reflects a state of universal consciousness within, resonates with the inner core, a coherent state to being. A Shakti, and Siddha Yogi and lifestyle coach. A spiritual guide to the mystical and skillful to active listening to one’s pure consciousness, skilled at raising kundalini toward awakening. A lifelong practitioner of Vedic meditation, mantra, Shakti Kundalini counseling from a process inherent within the Vedic tradition. One who shares his skills to coherence in nature both the mundane and the universal levels directly related to the transcendent, pure (Turiya State) of being or essence the ‘I Am’ consciousness.

As a researcher to cosmic consciousness and as a life-long practitioner of the Vedic Sciences, I have located a process, an inner knowing, a deepening value through self-inquiry. This alludes to the inner cosmic knowledge and integrated state of being known as Self or JivaAtma (pure consciousness); Sat, Chit, Ananda. Thus, one finds wholeness in its parts, on the one hand, and one that is universal on the other. Further, this speaks to the ancient principles and teachings of the Vedic Sciences, allude to an integral state of consciousness that is to coherence and healing to well-being at the Quantum level within.

Everything in nature expresses infinite silence in dynamism in action as sequential unfoldment and unbounded potentiality. The reverberations of the soul, sound/Soham mantra is heard through the ear channel allows the body (Heart) to maintain its balance of well-being, and most importantly, one hears through the unstruck sound of the ear of that heart. Similarly, human consciousness blossoms in the same way, and it is through Self-inquiry that we have direct knowledge, direct knowing experientially.

As one moves within the process of individuation of the self, the individual undergoes a state of metamorphosis toward transformation, may also blossom to further one’s dharmic pattern, merge into life to act as a lamp for others to witness nature as pure Essence, Self in the journey.

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