Transcendence on the Move:

It is a long way to Brahma’s Cave; you will never know what is going to be there when you arrive! If you get there?

Metaphorically speaking, one could be flying from one place to another, whether in the physical body or not, and get caught off guard. Simply put, being taken for a ride in this life has the potential to lead one in revealing deeper and significant inner meaning through the experience! I am having wind of it at the experiential as well as the existential levels from the divine guru within.

So, let us talk about being on the move for a moment. I got shifted from Fresno, Ca. where hot is not my forte, back to Portland, OR, where cool is in vogue. Who knows how long this trip is going to last? I do know that what has continued throughout my life, continues the inner transformative nature of returning ‘home.’ Home BEING the inner nature of Self.

Nevertheless, I got my [cosmic]transition papers in order. Looking at them very gently! During this transition time, we all are on the move, taking a hop, skip, and a jump from one dynamic to another in a big way in life and in death. No doubt, you are listening to the ‘inner’ journey too! The in-between time is the hardest!

“What-up with tat!!

The in-between time of experiencing the “Bar do” as we understand it in the Tibetan tradition, gives us a glimpse of the path of the unconscious potentiality ready to be fulfilled. It is time to let go of the ‘baggage’ of our in-between storehouse of consciousness, rearranging or one that we are constantly re-calibrating the inner movement to knowing and perhaps to not what direction or course we are to take? We know that this is Karma in the rough!

We are in effect, resolving old collective karmas once and for all, hopefully. ~ Our karmas of the ancestral nature of this life on this earth plane happened once before, remember; the ‘Spanish Pandemic.?’ We are needing to bridge and change this ‘social construct that is no longer ours to hold, no longer needing to ‘block’ the path to Self. But we humans have not understood the lesson. Instead, the ‘Pandemic’ has returned, that we are now being forced to see a different face, La Corona-19. It is the right time to seek out ‘clarity’ which insight is required, that Wisdom can be shown…it is the right time!! We can see this happen on the environmental level these past years, as well as the political, and financial levels too! Shame! No longer can we afford to hold on to old wineskins, lest we become drunk with chaos. They (wineskins) will break

If you are seeking clarity in your life, yearn to know and see your innermost Light to Self, to integrate the path to Brahma’s Cave that is to the journey bridging your peace of mind, and spirit of being in life. What is holding us back will keep us from living our potentials, that the nature of the source; Brahma’s Cave or Christ Consciousness, if you will, is our Light! From Darkness to Light, still your mind, taste and see!

E. Narayan del Arroyo

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