Wheel That Comes And Goes…

Feb 22 (Sadhana):

Well, if you follow the course of Astrology as a natural pathway within and as the wheel that comes and goes, its movement or rotation opens the ‘map’ or path within the cosmic event (consciousness) revealing the cosmic source. Likewise, consciousness within offers us the ‘right element’ to digest and to discern our interior clock communicates to us, the ‘flavor’ of that astrological house. This will no doubt express in our lives and manifest for us the option that is given and or perhaps accepted; whatever option appears as if it’s likely the ‘right one,’ which will always be correct, no matter how it’s received.

A roadway; a roadway perhaps, that gives us a planet moving the inner space, as a light that flashes before us like a pitchfork acts upon us, offer us to participate a decision-based action as it is a reflected aspect to respond unconsciously or consciously. Like a gift being presented for the journey. The options and choices that are presented will always be the right one, no matter its outcome must find its way to the surface; like a lotus opening before the Sun to blossom its reality offers its intelligence. Typically, through the ‘anchor’ it manifest, sits and rest upon its roots from the depth within; (meditatio-meditation) is the pond one accepts and lives out that element allowing what may come becomes its truth, its peace.

We accept ALL possible outcomes, no matter what may come. It’s like when you draw a tarot card from a deck, it will always be the right one for the question.
So, likewise, as we see the interior light as it brightens the inner sky in this perilous times we are faced with now, we come to our ‘wheel that comes and goes,’ offers us a glimpse of heaven beyond the ‘Pond,’ and our inner light shines its ever new joy. Then I begin to hunger and thirst for more only to be driven by my (emotions: thoughts and even prayer); away from the cosmic source. And like [Anger] pulls us to our core. But, Ney! Sitting on this lotus, I place my attention on the space (Vishudda-throat) Chakra in calming the rough waters of life that I thirst and hunger for [emotional calm] that beacons my attention. I am my inner attention that is [calm and still]; I AM (Soham) the Swan within that I am; The Wheel That Comes and Goes…I hunger and thirst no more.

Om Shanti Prema Sai,

God is Peace and Love, Sai Ram…


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